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cinco de drinko…

snakes and such


when a patient gets difficult you quone them…

Couple fun tats this week. The butterfly was a cover of a smaller butterfly. I forgot to take a before photo so I took one after the lines.. you get the Idea. The snake is based off a Doc King design.  Enjoy


got wise to our scam…

First is a photo of me.  I am the champion… Second is some lines to a peacock, which was super fun.  and last was a dagger I did that was based off a Doc King stencil.  I posted the second photo so that the size of the dagger could be shown, it was a big fun tat…

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My name is Jacob McCallum, I am a tattooer in Seattle, Washington at Anchor Tattoo. Anchor Tattoo is located at 2313 NW Market St, and the telephone number is 206.784.4051. Stop in or give us a call. Or you can contact me personally at 208.406.6858, or via email at Or follow me on twitter ( or instagram (jacobmccallum) enjoy.

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